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Intro to ArtReach!

My name is Max Boudman and I am in the BFA program at SAIC. I am originally from Charlotte, NC and I came to Chicago to study art with an interest in non-profit organizations. Last year I worked as a Canvass Field Manager at the Fund for the Public Interest (the Fund) in the Human Rights Campaign street canvassing office. Because of this experience, I have become very interested in fundraising. However, the barbaric, and outdated labor practices of machine non-profits like the Fund finally drove me to drop the title of “LGBT civil rights activist” that I had so proudly held on to. I wanted to finally see real progress and actually work within the field that I am studying. As of early January, ArtReach has become my new extra-curricular committed engagement. I will be working to build more public interest and grow a sustainable support system within the community that ArtReach serves; the citizens of the greater Chicago area and the students at Lillstreet. Teaching art and Participating in Marissa Neuman’s teaching artist group show, Interference, have also become added blessings to my experience thus far.

The ArtReach office at Lillstreet Art Center, my 3rd home.

The ArtReach office at Lillstreet Art Center, my 3rd home.

The opportunity of interning for ArtReach at Lillstreet has taught me many things. Some of them being: Never say “sorry” when you work not for profit, work with what you have, appreciate all of the little things, and most importantly – DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! My long-term assignment is to construct the history of ArtReach as accurately as possible by working with the scattered physical and digital artifacts at our disposal. I am also going to pick as many brains that have been floating around Lillstreet for over a decade to get the story straight, once and for all. ArtReach needs a concise, impassioned story as a platform to build upon for a future of steady development. As a mission-oriented non-profit, one of the most affective calls-to-action is verbalizing a history of ongoing passion. ArtReach is now in its 25th year of dedicated service and I was surprised when I realized that I hadn’t even been born at the time when Bruce Robbins founded the organization in the winter 1990! There is freshness to the organization, a freshness that could be enriched with anecdotal detail! With that being said, Robbins was to be my go-to source and within a week I got him to sit down for 20 minutes (apparently record-breaking time). My next blog entry will have included a reflection of my interview with the charismatic man behind the realization of Lillstreet Art Center.

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