Humboldt Park Chicago tents – Is There A Homeliness Problem?

Yes, there is a big homeliness problem in Humboldt Park Chicago. Several homeless individuals have always lost nearly all of their properties during city sweeps. During these sweeps, that have always been done several times across the years – several properties have been thrown away in a dehumanizing manner making several homeless individuals feel dehumanized.

City sweeps happening several times across the years, have led to lots of mass protests and also problems among homeless individuals and their advocates.

Several homeless individuals have lost valuables since many of them are always caught unaware and even when they are sleeping, with no time to evacuate their properties – they always end up losing several households and personal belongings.

DFSS Homeless Outreach Comments

As much as homeless individuals keeps saying that they are always treated without respect during city sweeps and their belongings thrown away – DFSS denies such information and considers it as false.

According to DFSS, they have always given homeless individuals a notice of up to seven days warning them a cleanup will soon be done. They deny any involvement in tossing personal belongings belonging to homeless individuals even despite several homeless residents’ accusations that they did.

DFFSS further states that they haven’t displaced anyone and whenever city sweeps are done, they are always working together with the homeless individuals and do identify the items that they intend to remove together. However, they claim that during the cleaning, they haven’t removed any personal possessions except for furniture’s and bulky items that aren’t considered as personal belongings.

This is the opposite to what homeless residents says since they claim that the city sweeps have always been extremely dehumanizing where the officials come in real quiet. They also block all the roads using garbage trucks where they throw the residents’ belongings inside the trucks.

Homeless residents further claims that all that they always receive from DFSS, is a small print attached to a pole close to the viaduct. They claim that they do lose several things including their personal belongings such as clothing, shoes and even their personal photos. There are many that lost their furniture.

Residents claim that the city sweeps are always terrible to those homeless and they consider them as a tragedy. Many homeless residents do end up in tears saying that it’s not their wish to find themselves in such situations and they need to be considered as humans.

City Officials Tossing High-quality Tents Given to Homeless People

Andres Robledo Jr. is known for giving out fishing tents that are used by homeless residents as shelters. Commonly known as the “the dude doing orange tents”. Because of this, he has always been giving out high-quality bright orange tents to the homeless city residents in the past one year.

Robledo says that he decided to give out tents to homeless people since the city has failed to offer housing for homeless people and have always made them keep waiting for permanent housing.

However, he claims that the city derails his efforts by putting removal tags on several tents and even going further by removing the tents.

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